• Blue Note
  • Childhood's End
  • Dance of Canyon Winds
  • Fanfare
  • Meditation on Spring
  • Mood Indigo
  • Open at the Top
  • Three-Part Harmony
  • Winter Dreams of Mountain Summers
Latest Studio News

"Duet" was chosen to be among the work of 29 other fiber artists nationwide for "Excellence in Fibers". A catalog of the selected works will appear in the December edition of Fiber Arts Now with a live exhibition planned for 2016. Details to come.

Check out our new One-Cubed Concept: 'A Smaller Footprint, More Affordable.' For those who want a more-affordable art experience, our new One-Cubed Creations fit within a 12 x 12 x12 inch cube and will fit almost any budget.

Our work is currently showing at the following venues:

"Topeka Competition 32", Topeka, KS. Show opens 12/4 and runs thru January 2016.

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